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Faculty Research Assistants Resources

A guide to resources and procedures for students working as research assistants within the College of Law.

Checking Books Out from the Law Library

To check books out to your faculty member in the Law Library, perform the following steps: 

  1. Take the item you'd like to check out to the Law Library's Circulation Desk.
  2. Tell the people at Circulation Desk that you'd like to check an item out to a faculty member.
  3. They will check you against the list of faculty GRAs, and then check the item out in the faculty member's name.
  4. You are then responsible for delivering the book to the faculty member.

Checking Books Out from the University Library

Below are the steps you need to take to check books out at the University Library:

  1.  Visit the Law Library's Circulation Desk and ask for the library's check out card.
  2. Check out the library's check out card.
  3. Take the library's check out card over to the University Library and locate the books you wish to check out.
  4. When you are at the University Library's Circulation Desk, present the check out card and tell them you wish to check out the books to the faculty member. They will check out the books. 
  5. Immediately return the check out card to the law library. Circulation staff will discharge the card from your account.
  6. You are then responsible for delivering the book to the faculty member.

Locating Material in Other Libraries

If you can't locate the item that you need at the University Library or the Law Library, we may need to get it from another library. First, check WorldCat to determine if the item exists and if it is held by any libraries. WorldCat should also tell you if the item is held by GSU.

Also, be sure to check with a reference librarian to see if we can locate the item without having to ask another library. If we cannot locate the item, please place an interlibrary loan request for the item. Be sure when placing an Interlibrary Loan request to mark that you are a GRA working for a law faculty member.


If you need to make a photocopy or print something out for a faculty member, perform the following steps:

  1. Visit the Law Library's Circulation Desk and ask for the GRA copy card.
  2. Circulation staff will check ou the copy card in your name. 
  3. Use the GRA copy card to print or copy the documents.
  4. Please note the new balance on the back of the card when you're done.
  5. Return the card to the Circulation Desk. Circulation staff will discharge the card from your account.

​NOTE: If you have to make a lot of copies or print out a lot of material, please let one of the reference librarians know and we can arrange another method for you to make those copies.

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