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Deborah Schander
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Ethics and Professional Responsibility
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Jan 31, 2015
This research guide provides an overview of legal ethics and professional responsibility.
Tags: fiduciary_duty, legal_ethics
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Nov 5, 2014
Family Law
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Nov 20, 2014
Tags: alimony, child_custody, divorce, family_law, marriage
Intellectual Property Law
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Feb 3, 2015
Introduction to eBooks
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Apr 17, 2014
A brief overview of eBooks and eReaders for law students, professors, lawyers and librarians
Introduction to Medical Research
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Apr 11, 2014
This guide is designed to introduce members of the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) clinic and others to medical research resources, including background information and medical journals.
Tags: health_law
Land Use
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Jan 26, 2014
The topic of Land Use is influenced by three overlapping bodies of law namely: Environmental Law, Zoning Law, and general Property Law.
Tags: administrative_law, environmental_law, georgia_law, land, land use, land_planning, land_use, land_use_planning, landuse, non_conforming_use, property, property_law, real_estate, regulatory_taking, variance, zoning
by Deborah Schander, Robert Stuckey - Last Updated Oct 24, 2014
News-Related Research
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Apr 28, 2014
Sometimes you just don't need to do complicated legal research to get the facts you need. Here's some helpful resources to get you the information you need for general, legal, political, and business news.
Personal Librarian Program
by Pam Brannon, Meg Butler, Terrance Manion, Deborah Schander, Austin Williams - Last Updated Aug 8, 2014
Information about each of the librarians involved with the Personal Librarian program at the GSU Law Library.
Tags: law_school, research
Resources for Clinic Students
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Jan 27, 2015
This guide provides access to many of the resources Georgia clinic students may need, including codes, forms, government websites and more.
Tags: georgia_law, health_law, law_school, tax
Secondary Sources
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated Feb 14, 2015
This guide will help explain why you should generally start your legal research with secondary resources, which to use for your research task, and how to use them effectively.
Tags: advanced_legal_research, american_law_reports, digests, hornbook, law_reviews, legal_dictionaries, legal_journals, legal_periodicals, legal_research, legaltrac, lexisnexis, looseleaf_services, restatements, treatises, westlaw
Securities Law
by Deborah Schander - Last Updated May 23, 2014
A research guide to the law surrounding securities, financial instruments, and their regulation
Tags: securities