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Legal aid for pro se and self-represented litigants

Disability Legal Service

Georgia Advocacy Office


150 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Suite 430
Decatur, GA 30030


(404) 885-1234 or (800) 537-2329 (toll-free in GA)




  • Provides a wide range of services to persons with disabilities in Georgia:
    • Information and referral
    • Technical assistance, advice, and support in self-advocacy
    • Assistance in advocacy, negotiation, or mediation on behalf of individuals
    • Investigation of allegations of abuse, neglect, or violation of rights
    • Deflect and prevent guardianships, support individuals in the restoration of rights, and advocate for supported decision making as an alternative to guardianships
    • Public information and education regarding the needs and rights of people with disabilities
    • Multicultural outreach to unserved or underserved groups of persons with disabilities
    • Identification of problems in the system of service delivery and advocacy for systemic change
    • Legislative monitoring and technical assistance
    • Technical assistance to attorneys on disability law

The following services do not fall within the priorities of GAO either because they are commonly accepted by other legal services or because the primary issue is often not based on discrimination due to disability:

  • Social Security applications
  • Food Stamp applications/claims
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Divorce, custody, and child support
  • Ad litem representation of children in parental rights terminations
  • Drafting of wills, trusts, and estate planning
  • Malpractice cases
  • Workers Compensation, issues related to collective bargaining agreements, unemployment compensation
  • Product liability
  • Bankruptcy matters
  • Personal injury
  • Consumer protection issues
  • Tax issues
  • Pension, ERISA issues
  • Property disputes
  • Guardianship proceedings (GAO does not support petitions for removal of individual rights)
  • Commitment proceedings


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