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Legal Services in Atlanta & the Metro-Atlanta Area

Legal aid for pro se and self-represented litigants

Justice Center of Atlanta, Inc.

Justice Center of Atlanta, Inc. (Mediation Services)


976 Edgewood Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30307


(404) 523-8236 ext. 200




  • The kinds of disputes resolved through mediation:
    • Business
    • Contracts
    • Educational issues
    • Probate
    • Juvenile cases
    • Lender/borrower
    • Civil disputes
    • Real Estate
    • Landlord/tenant
    • Vandalism
    • Workplace problems
  • Mediation Process:
    • Discovery of mutual interests
    • Joint problem solving
    • Orientation to the future
    • Creative, flexible solutions
    • Respect for, and sharing of, differing expertise by the parties and the representative
    • Control of the process by a neutral mediator
    • Control of the outcome in the hands of the parties involved instead of a neutral third party
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