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Summer Legal Research Tips

Top Ten Tips for Cost-Effective Online Searching



  • The meter is running
  • Close your door
  • Turn off your phone
  • FOCUS 

2.  Know your issue

  • Never begin with a keyword case search
  • Do some background research to become familiar with your topic
  • See the Secondary Sources Tab of this Guide
  • Do you know what the acronyms stand for?
  • Are there terms of art you need to look up?

3.  Write down your search statement on paper

  • Start with a plan
    • What will you do if you find too much?
    • What will you do if you find too little?

4.  When in doubt call, phone a friend!  The commercial vendors have 24/7 toll-free phone numbers. You can also call the Law Library Reference Desk:

  • LEXIS                        (800) 543-6862 (menu option 1)
  • Westlaw                     (800) REF-ATTY
  • GSU Law Ref. Desk   (404) 413-9102 *not 24 hours!

5.  Pre-Filter

  • narrow down by jurisdiction
  • narrow down by type of material 

6.  Change the display order

  • Relevance may not be the best way to view a list
  • Change to Date-newest first or Most Cited

7.  Too much is better than too little - Start broad and narrow down

8.  Observe the 15-minute rule of thumb

  • if you haven't found anything relevant within 15 minutes STOP
  • more time won't help
  • log off and regroup

9.  Print sparingly

10.  Understand the charges

  • No matter what the pricing plan, start with a BROAD search and stay within it. [Filters are free!]
  • Flat-rate plan or transactional? Know the difference and what you are using.
  • No cost or low-cost alternatives: these can be great but remember what we don't pay with cash might require more time or intellectual effort.


LEXIS Training

Westlaw Training

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