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Law & Popular Culture

Purpose and Scope

It makes sense that the portrayals of lawyers and the law in the media affects American's views of our legal system, but how do those views and the expectations they bring affect the legal system in return?  Do lawyers structure their arguments differently to match jurors' expectations based on watching 20 years of Law & Order?

Studies in Law & Popular Culture attempt to answer those questions.  In an increasingly litigious age, where shows and movies about lawyers abound, the answers are becoming more important.

Research Guides

Internet Movie Database

IMDb is a searchable database for movies and TV shows.  Next to the search bar is a drop-down menu where you can alter your search parameters; for example, you can search by keyword, character, title, and quotes.  It provides a plot summary, trailer, and related movies.

New to Review

Hot Coffee is a documentary about civil suits, tort reform, and the role that both businesses and the media have played.  It takes it's name from the infamous case where Stella Liebeck spilled McDonald's coffee in her lap sustaining serious burns.

It, along with many other books and movies, can be found in the Law Leisure Collection in our library.

Developing a Research Strategy

Before diving into a research project, it's essential to have a strategy for how you will conduct your research. 

At the Law Library, we've developed a research worksheet that you can use to help organize the information you've been given and develop a plan for your research. Feel free to make copies and use it as you're given research assignments.

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