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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Websites for Practioners

Global Arbitration Review

The Global Arbitration Review is the world's leading arbitration law journal and news services.  It is updated three times a week, provides breaking news, monthly features, and guest commentary and articles from the world's leading arbitration practioners.

Legal Information Institute ADR Overview and Resources

Offered by Cornell University Law School. 

National Arbitration and Mediation

The National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM) has a nationwide panel of nearly 2,000 top-tier former judges and practicing specialists uniquely qualified to resolve legal matters in a private forum.  NAM offers arbitration, mediation, and trial-preparation services.  The NAM website provides a directory of arbitrators and mediators, general information about arbitration, as well as news about its recent cases.

National Center for State Courts ADR Database

Court-connected alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has spread throughout the country over the past few decades. Every state has some type of court-connected ADR at some level. However, due to the “grassroots” nature of the movement and the “pilot” nature of many programs, such programs are rarely statewide. Thus, the question of “who’s doing what” has been difficult, if not impossible, to answer. This database of ADR programs and practices attempts to answer that question. They have attempted to collect qualifications, compensation, referral, and program information from every state (and within some states, every county). Information is searchable by program type (small claims, civil, family, appellate, criminal, juvenile, restorative justice, or probate) and location (statewide/multiple counties, or individual counties)

National Center for State Courts ADR Resource Guide

Contains information and links on a variety of topics inlcuding funding, Neutral certification, program evaluation, and settlement conferences.

Zimmerman's Research Guide to Arbitration,Mediation and Dispute Resolution 

A free resource covering leading information sources, arbitration awards, arbitration and mediation rules, and treatises and conventions.

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