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Treatises by Topic


Multi-Volume Treatises 

Michael L. Perlin, Mental Disability Law: Civil and Criminal (2d ed. 1998-date)

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook (4th ed. 2003-date)

Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations (Jonathan R. Mook ed., 1992-date)

Gary E. Phelan & Janet Bond Atherton, Disability Discrimination in the Workplace (1992-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Peter Blanck et al., Disability, Civil Rights Law, and Policy (2004)

Laura F. Rothstein & Julia Rothstein, Disabilities and the Law (4th ed. 2009-date)

Peter Susser, Disability Discrimination and the Workplace (2nd ed. 2011)

John J. Coleman III, Disability Discrimination in Employment (1991-date)

Education Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Education Law (James A. Rapp ed., 1984-date)

Ronna Greff Schneider, Education Law: First Amendment, Due Process and Discrimination Litigation (2004-date)

William A. Kaplin & Barbara A. Lee, The Law of Higher Education (5th ed. 2013) 

Employment & Labor Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

The Developing Labor Law: The Boards, the Courts, and the National Labor Relations Act (John C. Higgins ed., 5th ed. 2006-date)

Lex K. Larson, Employment Discrimination (2nd ed. 1994-date)

Barbara Lindemann & Paul Grossman, Employment Discrimination Law (4th ed. 2007-date)

Mark A. Rothstein et al., Employment Law (4th ed. 2010-date)

Charles A. Sullivan & Lauren M. Walter, Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice (4th ed. 2009-date)

R. Ben Hogan III & Robert D. Moran, Occupational Safety and Health Act (1977-date)

N. Peter Lareau et al., Labor and Employment Law (2003-date)

Susan M. Omilian & Jean P. Kamp, Sex-Based Employment Discrimination (1990-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Frank Elkouri & Edna Asper Elkouri, How Arbitration Works (6th ed. 2003)

The Fair Labor Standards Act (2nd ed., 2010-date)

Robert A. Gorman & Matthew W. Finkin, Basic Text on Labor Law: Unionization and Collective Bargaining (2d ed. 2004)

Barbara T. Lindemann & David D. Kadue, Age Discrimination in Employment Law (2003-date)

Harold S. Lewis, Jr. & Elizabeth J. Norman, Employment Discrimination Law and Practice (2nd ed. 2004)

Henry H. Perritt, Employee Dismissal Law and Practice (5th ed. 2006-date)

Mark A. Rothstein, Occupational Safety and Health Law (annual)

Energy & Natural Resources

Multi-Volume Treatises

American Law of Mining (Cheryl Outerbridge ed., 2nd ed. 1984-date)

Neil E. Harl, Agricultural Law (1980-date)

Eugene Kuntz, A Treatise on the Law of Oil and Gas (1962-date)

Howard R. Williams & Charles J. Meyers, Oil and Gas Law (1959-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Owen L. Anderson et al., Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation (4th ed. 2004)

Jan Laitos, Natural Resources Law (2012)

Environmental Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Frank P. Grad, Treatise on Environmental Law (1973-date)

Law of Environmental Protection (Sheldon M. Novick et al. eds., 2013-date)

The Law of Hazardous Waste (Susan M. Cooke ed., 1987-date)

James T. O'Reilly, Superfund and Brownfields Cleanup (annual)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Eric Pearson, Environmental and Natural Resources Law (3d ed. 2008)

William H. Rodgers, Jr., Environmental Law (2d ed. 1994)

Dan Tarlock, Law of Water Rights and Resources (1988-date)

William L. Want, Law of Wetlands Regulation (1989-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

Barbara E. Bergman & Nancy Hollander, Wharton's Criminal Evidence (15th ed. 1997-date)

David L. Faigman et al., Modern Scientific Evidence (annual)

Clifford S. Fischman, Jones on Evidence: Civil & Criminal (7th ed. 1992-date)

Paul C. Giannelli & Edward J. Imwinkelried, Scientific Evidence (3d ed.)

Michael H. Graham, Handbook of Federal Evidence (6th ed. 2006-date)

Edward J. Imwinkelried et al., Courtroom Criminal Evidence (5th ed. 2011-date)

McCormick on Evidence (Kenneth S. Broun ed., 6th ed. 2006)

Christopher B. Mueller & Laird C. Kirkpatrick, Federal Evidence (3d ed. 2007-date)

Stephen A. Saltzburg et al., Federal Rules of Evidence Manual (9th ed. 2006-date)

Weinstein's Federal Evidence (Joseph M. McLaughlin ed., 1997-date)

John Henry Wigmore et al., Evidence in Trials at Common Law (1940-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

McCormick on Evidence (Kenneth S. Broun ed., 6th ed. 2006)

Roger Park et al., Evidence Law (3d ed. 2011)

Jack B. Weinstein & Margaret A. Berger, Weinstein's Evidence Manual (1987-date)

Glen Weissenberger & James J. Duane, Weissenberger's Federal Evidence (5th ed. 2006)

Family Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Adoption Law and Practice (Joan H. Hollinger ed., 2000)

Ann M. Haralambie, Handling Child Custody, Abuse and Adoption Cases (1993-date)

Family Law and Practice (Arnold H. Rutkin ed., 1985-date)

Donald T. Kramer, Legal Rights of Children (2d ed. 2005-date)

John P. McCahey et al., Child Custody and Visitation Law and Practice (1983-date)

Brett R. Turner, Equitable Distribution of Property (3d ed. 2005-date)

Jeff Atkinson, Modern Child Custody Practice (2d ed. 2000-date)

Valuation and Distribution of Marital Property (John P. McCahey ed., 1984-date)

Thomas A. Jacobs, Children and the Law: Rights and Obligations (1995-date)

One-Volume Treatise

Laura W. Morgan, Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation and Application (1996-date)

Federal Practice

Multi-Volume Treatises

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts (Robert L. Haig ed., 2d ed. 2005-date)

Steven Alan Childress & Martha S. Davis, Federal Standards of Review (3d ed. 1999-date)

Alba Conte & Herbert B. Newberg, Newberg on Class Actions (4th ed. 2002-date)

Moore's Federal Practice (Daniel R. Coquillette et al. eds., 3d ed. 1997-date)

Kent Sinclair, Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice (3d. ed. 2004-date)

Charles Alan Wright et al., Federal Practice and Procedure (1st-4th eds. 1969-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Erwin Chemerinsky, Federal Jurisdiction (6th ed. 2012)

Eugene Gressman et al., Supreme Court Practice (9th ed. 2007)

Gregory P. Joseph, Sanctions: The Federal Law of Litigation Abuse (4th ed. 2008)

Stuart T. Rossman & Charles Delbaum, Consumer Class Actions (8th ed. 2013)

Michael E. Tigar & Jane B. Tigar, Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice (3d ed. 1999-date)

Charles Alan Wright & Mary Kay Kane, Law of Federal Courts (7th ed. 2011)

Government Benefits

Multi-Volume Treatises

Harvey L. McCormick, Social Security Claims and Procedures (5th ed. 1998-date)

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives, Social Security Practice Guide (1984-date)

Arthur Larson & Lex K. Larson, Larson's Workers' Compensation Law (1952-date)

Harvey L. McCormick, Medicare and Medicaid Claims and Procedures (4th ed. 2005-date)

Barbara Samuels, Social Security Disability Claims: Practice and Procedure (2d ed. 1994-date)

Social Security Law and Practice (Michael A. Rosenhouse ed., 1983-date)

Government Contracts

Multi-Volume Treatises

John Cosgrove McBride, Government Contracts: Law, Administration, Procedure (1962-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

W. Noel Keyes, Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (3d ed. 2003-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

Steven E. Pegalis, American Law of Medical Malpractice (1992)

Barry R. Furrow et al., Health Law (2000)

Treatise on Health Care Law (Michael G. Macdonald ed., 1991-date)

Health Law Practice Guide (Alice G. Gosfield ed., 1993-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Fay A. Rozovsky, Consent to Treatment: A Practical Guide (4th ed. 2007-date)

David W. Louisell et al., Medical Malpractice (1960-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et al., Immigration Law and Business (1983-date)

Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. et al., Immigration Procedures Handbook (annual)

Charles Gordon et al., Immigration Law and Procedure (rev. ed. 1966-date)

One-Volume Treatises

Sarah B. Ignatius et al., Immigration Law and the Family (1995-date)

Dan Kesselbrenner and Lory D. Rosenberg, Immigration Law and Crimes (1984-date)

Austin T. Fragomen & Steven C. Bell, Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice (4th ed. 1996-date)

Richard D. Steel, Steel on Immigration Law (2d ed. 2004-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

Eric Mills Holmes, Holmes's Appleman on Insurance, 2d (1996-date)

Lee R. Russ & Thomas F. Segalla, Couch on Insurance 3d (1995-date)

Rowland H. Long & Mark S. Rhodes, The Law of Liability Insurance (1966-date)

New Appleman on Insurance (Jeffrey E. Thomas ed., 2009)

One-Volume Treatises

Barlow Burke, Law of Title Insurance (2d ed. 1993)

Graydon S. Staring, Law of Reinsurance (1993-date)

Intellectual Property

Multi-Volume Treatises

Donald S. Chisum, Chisum on Patents (1978-date)

Jerome Gilson & Anne Gilson LaLonde, Gilson on Trademarks (2007-date)

Paul Goldstein, Goldstein on Copyright (3d ed. 2005-date)

J. Thomas McCarthy, McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition (4th ed. 1996-date)

R. Carl Moy, Moy's Walker on Patents (4th ed. 2003-date)

Melville B. Nimmer & David Nimmer, Nimmer on Copyright (1993-date)

William F. Patry, Patry on Copyright (2006-date)

Roger M. Milgrim, Milgrim on Trade Secrets (1983-date)

Howard B. Abrams, The Law of Copyright (1991-date)

Melvin F. Jager, Trade Secrets Law (2002-date)

Peter D. Rosenberg, Patent Law Fundamentals (2d ed. 1980-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Michael A. Epstein, Epstein on Intellectual Property (5th ed. 2005-date)

Robert L. Harmon, Patents and the Federal Circuit (9th ed. 2009-date)

Roger E. Schechter & John R. Thomas, Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks (2003)

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Trade Secrets: A Practitioner's Guide (2d ed. 2005-date)

Siegrun D. Kane, Kane on Trademark Law: A Practioner's Guide (5th ed. 2007-date).


Multi-Volume Treatises

Raymond T. Nimmer, Information Law (2002-date)

George B. Delta & Jeffrey H. Matsuura, Law of the Internet

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

F. Lawrence Street & Mark P. Grant, Law of the Internet (3d ed. 2001-date)

Jane K. Winn & Benjamin Wright, The Law of Electronic Commerce (1994)

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