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Treatises by Topic

Administrative Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Charles H. Koch, Jr., Administrative Law and Practice (3d ed. 2010)

Richard J. Pierce, Jr., Administrative Law Treatise (5th ed. 2010)

Jacob A. Stein et al., Administrative Law (1977-date)


Alfred C. Aman & William T. Mayton, Administrative Law (3d ed. 2014)

Richard J. Pierce et al., Administrative Law and Process (5th ed. 2009)

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Robert Force & Martin J. Norris, The Law of Maritime Personal Injuries (4th ed. 1990)

Robert Force & Martin J. Norris, The Law of Seamen (4h ed. 1985)

Benedict, Erastus Cornelius, et al., Benedict on Admiralty (7th ed. 1968)

Schoenbaum, Thomas J., Admiralty and Maritime Law (5th ed. 2011-date)


Multi-Volume Treatise

George Eric Rosden & Peter Eric Rosden, The Law of Advertising (1973)

One-Volume Treatise

Steven G. Brody & Bruce E.H. Johnson, Advertising and Commercial Speech: A First Amendment Guide (2d ed. 2004-date)

Antitrust & Trade Regulation

Multi-Volume Treatises

Louis Altman, Callmann on Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies (4th ed. 1981-date)

Philip Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application (3d ed. 2006-date)

Earl W. Kintner, Federal Antitrust Law (1980-date)

Julian O. Von Kalinowski et al., Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation (2nd ed. 1996-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks 

Carolyn L. Carter & Jonathan Sheldon, Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (7th ed. 2008-date)

Herbert Hovenkamp, Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and Its Practice (4th ed. 2011)

Lawrence A. Sullivan & Warren S. Grimes, The Law of Antitrust: An Integrated Handbook (2nd ed. 2006)

William C. Holmes, Antitrust Law Handbook (annual)

Dee Pridgen, Consumer Protection and the Law (annual)

Art & Entertainment Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Ralph E. Lerner & Judith Bresler, Art Law (4th ed. 2012)

Thomas D. Selz et al., Entertainment Law (3rd ed.)

Alexander Lindey & Michael Landau, Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing, and the Arts (3d ed. 2004-date)

One-Volume Treatises 

Robert Fremlin & Michael Landau, Entertainment Law (rev. ed. 2006-date)

Jessica L. Darraby, Art, Artifact, Architecture and Museum Law (annual)

Leonard D. DuBoff & Sally Holt Caplin, The Deskbook of Art Law (1st. ed.  1977)

Banking & Consumer Finance

Multi-Volume Treatises

Banking Law (1981-date)

Henry J. Bailey & Richard B. Hagedorn, Brady on Bank Checks (rev. ed. 1999)

Barkley Clark & Barbara Clark, The Law of Bank Deposits, Collections, and Credit Cards (rev. ed. 1999)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Carolyn L. Carter, Repossessions (7th ed. 2010-date)

Fred H. Miller & Alvin C. Harrell, The Law of Modern Payment Systems (2003)

Elizabeth Renuart et al., Truth in Lending (8th ed. 2012-date)

Dee Pridgen, Consumer Credit and the Law (annual)

Michael P. Malloy, Banking Law and Regulation (1st ed. 1951)


Multi-Volume Treatises

Collier on Bankruptcy (16th ed. 2009)

Daniel R. Cowans, Bankruptcy Law and Practice (interim ed. 1983)

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice (William L. Norton, Jr. ed., 3d ed. 2008-date)

Henry J. Sommer, Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice (1982-date)

Robert E. Ginsberg & Robert D. Martin, Ginsberg and Martin on Bankruptcy (4th ed.)


David G. Epstein et al., Bankruptcy (2d ed. 2010)

Civil Rights

Multi-Volume Treatises 

Sheldon H. Nahmod, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed. 1997-date)

Martin A. Schwartz & John E. Kirklin, Section 1983 Litigation (2000-date)

Isidore Silver, Police Civil Liability (1986-date)

Rodney Smolla, Federal Civil Rights Acts (3d ed. 1994-date)

Joseph G. Cook & John L. Sobieski, Civil Rights Actions (1983-date)

Ivan E. Bodensteiner & Rosalie Berger Levinson, State and Local Government Civil Rights Liability (1987-date)

Michael B. Mushlin, Rights of Prisoners (3d ed. 2002-date)

Sexual Orientation and the Law (1990)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks 

Michael Avery et al., Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation (annual)

Harold S. Lewis & Elizabeth J. Norman, Civil Rights Law and Practice (2d ed. 2004)

John W. Palmer & Stephen E. Palmer, Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (3d ed. 1985 & 5d ed. 1997)

Robert G. Schwemm, Housing Discrimination: Law and Litigation (1990-date)

Commercial Law

Multi-Volume Treatises 

Larry E. Edmondson, Domke on Commercial Arbitration (3d ed. 2003-date)

Lary Lawrence, Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code (3d ed. 1981-date)

Deborah L. Nelson & Jennifer L. Howicz , Williston on Sales (5th ed. 1994-date)

James J. White & Robert S. Summers, Uniform Commercial Code (6th ed. 2010-date)

Peter F. Coogan et al., Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code​ (2013)

Debtor-Creditor Law (1982-date)

Jeremiah J. Spires et al., Doing Business in the United States (1978-date)

William D. Hawkland, Uniform Commercial Code Series (1982-date)

Communications Law

Multi-Volume Treatises 

Harvey L. Zuckman et al., Modern Communications Law (1999-date)

Charles D. Ferris et al., Telecommunications Regulation: Cable, Broadcasting, Satellite, and the Internet (1983-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks 

Peter W. Huber et al. Federal Telecommunications Law (2nd ed. [rev. 2011] -date)

Conflict of Laws


Peter Hay, Patrick J. Borchers, & Symeon Symeonides et al., Conflict of Laws (5th ed. 2010)

Russell J. Weintraub, Commentary on the Conflict of Laws (6th ed. 2010-date)

Constitutional Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Jennifer Friesen, State Constitutional Law: Litigating Individual Rights, Claims, and Defenses (4th ed. 2006-date)

Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak, Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure (5th ed. 2012-date)

Rodney A. Smolla, Smolla and Nimmer on Freedom of Speech (3d ed. 1996-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies (4th ed. 2011)

Louis Fisher & David Gray Adler, American Constitutional Law (9th ed. 2011)

John E. Nowak & Ronald D. Rotunda, Constitutional Law (8th ed. 2010)

Laurence H. Tribe, American Constitutional Law (3d ed. 2000)

Construction Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Philip L. Bruner & Patrick J. O'Connor, Bruner & O'Connor on Construction Law (2002-date)

Construction Law (Steven G. M. Stein ed. 1986-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

E. Allan Farnsworth, Farnsworth on Contracts (3d ed. 2004-date)

Richard A. Lord, Williston on Contracts (4th ed. 1990-date)

Corbin on Contracts (Joseph M. Perillo ed., rev. ed.1993-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

John Edward Murray, Jr., Murray on Contracts (3d ed. 1990) 

Joseph M. Perillo, Calamari and Perillo on Contracts (6th ed. 2009)

Howard O. Hunter, Modern Law of Contracts (Rev. ed. 1993-date)


Multi-Volume Treatises

R. Franklin Balotti & Jesse A. Finkelstein, The Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations (3d ed. 1998-date)

Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations (1931-date)

Stephen A. Radin, Dennis J. Block, & Nancy E. Barton, The Business Judgment Rule: Fiduciary Duties of Corporate Directors (6th ed. 2009-date)

F. Hodge O'Neal & Robert B. Thompson, O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs: Law and Practice (rev. 3d ed. 2004-date)

Zolman Cavitch et al., Business Organizations with Tax Planning

Byron E. Fox & Eleanor M. Fox, Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers (1968-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Franklin A. Gevurtz, Corporation Law (2nd ed. 2010)

Donald W. Glazer et al., FitzGibbon and Glazer on Legal Opinions. (1992-date)

Criminal Law & Procedure

Multi-Volume Treatises

Sara Sun Beale et al., Grand Jury Law and Practice (2nd ed. 1997-date)

Susan W. Brenner & Lori E. Shaw, Federal Grand Jury: A Guide to Law and Practice (2d ed. 2006-date)

James G. Carr & Patricia L. Bellia, The Law of Electronic Surveillance (2d ed. 1986-date)

Randy Hertz & James S. Liebman, Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure (6th ed. 2011-date)

Wayne R. LaFave et al., Criminal Procedure (5th ed. 2009-date)

Wayne R. LaFave, Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment (5th ed. 2012-date)

Wayne R. LaFave, Substantive Criminal Law (2d ed. 2003-date)

Mark S. Rhodes, Orfield's Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules (2d ed. 1985-date)

Paul H. Robinson, Criminal Law Defenses (1984-date)

Mark I. Soler et al, Representing the Child Client (1987-date)

David S. Rudstein et al., Criminal Constitutional Law (1990-date)

Joel M. Androphy, White Collar Crime (2d ed. 2001-date)

Joseph G. Cook, Constitutional Rights of the Accused (3d ed. 1996-date)

William E. Ringel, Searches and Seizures, Arrests and Confessions (2nd ed. 1979-date)

Charles E. Torcia, Wharton's Criminal Law (15th ed. 1993-date)

One-Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Thomas W. Hutchison et al., Federal Sentencing Law and Practice (annual)

Wayne R. LaFave, Criminal Law (5th ed. 2010)

Charles H. Whitebread & Christopher Slobogin, Criminal Procedure: An Analysis of Cases and Concepts (4th ed. 2008)

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