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Intentional injuries are those which are caused by violence and often manifest as trauma in victims. These include deaths and injuries caused by gun violence, physical and sexual assault and abuse, suicide, and bullying, to name a few.

Because these injuries are intentional, by their very nature they are often preventable. By implementing policies, laws, and safeguards at schools, homes, and the community, studies have shown that these kinds of injuries and deaths can be mitigated. Many of these policies are commonplace: firearm sales restrictions, hotlines and counseling to report instances of abuse, and after-school programs to keep children off of the streets are only some of the ways that communities try to prevent intentional violence.

Using comprehensive strategies to combat intentional violence has been shown to be effective at local, state, and national levels. Training both children and authorities in risk recognition, risk prevention, and risk intervention may help to curb intentional violence in schools, homes, and communities.

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