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Faculty Citation Reports

Searching in Web of Science

In Web of Science, you will need to run a "Cited Reference Search," so first change the search type from "Basic Search" to "Cited Reference Search."

In the Cited Reference Search template, enter in your last name and first initial in the search box that corresponds with "Cited Author," followed by an asterisk as an expander. This is necessary because non-law citations often use initials rather than full first names. 

In addition to this, set the "Timespan" for 2018 in order to only search citing works from 2018.

On the results list screen, select the works that you have authored. You may want to click on "Show Expanded Titles" to make locating your works easier.

Once you have selected all of your works, click on "Finish Search." You will see a results list with all of the works that have cited to you in the operative timespan. You can then select each work, then click on the "Citing References" option on the right to view the references cited in that work (including yours).

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