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Human Rights Research

Purpose and Scope

This guide will help you begin your search for information about Human Rights.  The best place to start is a secondary source such as a law review article, a book or an encylopedia.  Once you have located an article or book on the specific topic you are researching it should guide you to the relevant primary resources you will need such as treaties and international court decisions.  More and more information is becoming available online as well.  Be sure to search the websites of non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations to see if they have new information on your topic.

Online Resources


Developing a Research Strategy

Before diving into a research project, it's essential to have a strategy for how you will conduct your research. 

At the Law Library, we've developed a research worksheet that you can use to help organize the information you've been given and develop a plan for your research. Feel free to make copies and use it as you're given research assignments.

Study Aids

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