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Human Rights Research

Purpose and Scope

    This guide will help you begin your search for information about Human Rights.  I would recommend starting with the Encyclopedia of Human Rights if you are completely new to the subject or another secondary source like a law review article, a book, or an encyclopedia.  Look for a secondary source that fits your issue such as child slavery or refugees.  Determine  the parties involved  and what countries the issue effects.  Country Reports can help determine the current human rights conditions of specific countries.

     Once you have determined the relevant countries you can use the guide to find the relevant primary resources you will need such as treaties and international court decisions.  The UN Treaty Collection is the best place to start looking for treaties.  When looking at treaties make sure to find out what bodies it applies to and its effective date.  Also, be sure to search the websites of non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations to see if they have any updates or further discussion of your topic.  For further reference or to help, refine your search refer to other research guides and online resources  at the end of this guide.  I would recommend the ASIL International Human Rights.  If you need to reach out to one of the organizations or a human rights periodical the directories are listed below.

Study Aids


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