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Introduction to Federal Litigation Materials

This tab will provide users with information on a variety of topics dealt with in federal litigation.  For each category listed below, there will be at least one resource that pertains specifically to that topic.  

The topics are organized based on the litigation syllabus and their order in actual trial preparation.  Start with the top box in the left column and work your way down the left side first, then move to the right column.  

Topic Order 

  1. Trial Handbooks & Guides
  2. Practice & Procedure
  3. Client Interview 
  4. Discovery
  5. Depositions
  6. Motions
  7. Jury Selection 
  8. Opening Statements
  9. Evidence
  10. Direct & Cross Examination
  11. Trial Objections
  12. Closing Arguments
  13. Jury Instructions

Trial Handbooks & Guides

Practice & Procedure

Client Interview




Jury Selection

Opening Statements

Direct & Cross Examination


Trial Objections

Closing Arguments

Jury Instructions

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