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Study Aid Finder



The GSU College of Law is fortunate to have world-class faculty that utilize excellent course materials and exceptionally bright and motivated students to fill the classroom.  While there is no substitute for traditional preparation for class using instructor-utilized course materials and the classroom itself, the study of law can be very complex and nuanced, and the learning style of each individual student can be unique.  Many students often find the want or need for additional instructional or study materials to supplement activity in the classroom, in particular additional materials that contain questions and 'hypos" which students can use to refine and practice the application of their knowledge.  

With finals on the horizon, the Law Library has compiled a number of high-quality study aids that College of Law students can access through the Law Library - free of charge - to aid with exam preparation or simply if you want to gain a greater understanding of the subject matter.  

This Study Aid Finder provides easy access to a compilation of digital, physical, and multimedia study aids grouped according to the traditional GSU College of Law curriculum (with recommended electives being subjects tested on the bar exam but not required subjects of the J.D. curriculum), towards the top of each respective page.  PDFs are available for those that don't care for paper; physical copies are available for those that don't care for screens; and finally, other multimedia resources are available for those commuting students or students on the go who want to utilize audio or video resources.  

Whatever your preferred learning learning style, there's a little something here for everyone - enjoy and best of luck on finals!

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