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Introductory Guide for First Year Students

This guide will help new law students get started with Law School and become more familiar with the Law Library.

What Are Study Aids?

Study Aids are materials, written by leading scholars, that help explain the law and reinforce your learning. The Law Library provides access to both print and electronic study aids. You will learn more about study aids, including the location of the ones in print, during orientation. The electronic study aids provided by the Law Library include CALI, West Academic, and Wolters Kluwer publications. 

Many of the study aids available via electronic options like West Academic and Wolters Kluwer are also available in print. Check the Law Library catalog to see if we have print versions available. (More about the catalog on this page of the LibGuide.)

For help finding a study aid on a particular topic, check out our Study Aid Finder

The following information about study aids is provided below:

Where Can I Access Study Aids?

West Academic & Aspen Learning Library Online Study Aids are most easily accessed from the Law Library webpage. Across the top navigation, first hover over the Services menu and then select Online Study Aids from the left menu, as shown below. 



You will need to use your GSU account to access both online study aids subscriptions. See the picture below of what the screen should look like.


CALI lessons can be accessed through the Law Library's databases, as well as at More access information is available on the Introduction to CALI box (Lexis, Westlaw, & CALI Activation page) of this LibGuide. 

West Academic Online Study Aids

What series are available in the West Academic Study Aids platform? 

Finding the right study aid can be time-consuming. West Academic has provided a series guide to help you determine which series you should use at different points throughout the semester!

Each of the following series can be found by going to the West Academic Study Aids (via the Legal Database page) then filtering by series. 


What Features are Available?

Check out this short video that walks you through how to begin using West Academic Online Study Aid Library content and learning tools!

Aspen Learning Library Study Aids

What series are available in the Aspen Learning Library? 

Each of the following series can be found by going to the Aspen Learning Library (via the Law Library Databases A-Z list) then filtering by series. 

What Features are Available?

Check out this short video that walks you through using the Aspen Learning Library (formerly called the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library) content and learning tools! 


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